Our Principles: Work

Our work puts hands and feet to the Gospel.  Whether within the monastery or out in the wider world, work is the most visible way we live out our Benedictine values.  We recognize the value and sacredness of labor.  We work to be good stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us.  We advocate for fair treatment and just wages for all.

We started as a teaching order, where most of the sisters were teachers.  Now we have opened up to many different ministries.  Most women have a degree when they come to enter the monastery.  When the time comes for a full time ministry, she has discussions with the leadership to find where she is being called to serve. 

Our main ministry is to seek God.  In all that we do, we remember that we are called to find God and how God is working in our lives.  Through this seeking of God, our Sisters minister in diverse ways, including teaching; serving in parishes; offering retreats; providing health care; counseling individuals; working with immigrant populations; and helping the homeless, poor, and those recovering from addictions.