Benedictine Hospitality Center

“Let everyone that comes be received as Christ” is one of the most familiar and oft-quoted phrases of the Rule of St. Benedict. It says that everyone — the poor, the traveler, the curious, those not of our religion or social standing or education — should be received with genuine acceptance.

The Benedictine Hospitality Center embodies that spirit. It allows us to open the monastery — and by extension, our hearts — to those who come seeking a respite from the noise and rush of the world, where they might find the peace they need to hear the still, small voice of God.

While the Benedictine Hospitality Center offers cozy private rooms as well as access to public areas of the monastery, including the church, courtyard and monastery grounds, its most important offering might be the hospitality of the Sisters themselves, who take great care to ensure that each guest is comfortable.

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