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We, the Benedictine Oblates of Monastery Immaculate Conception are women and men who desire to spread the spirit of The Rule of St. Benedict by adopting the principles of the monastery to enrich our own lives and share those principles with others.

Who are Oblates?

Oblates of St. Benedict are Christian men and women from all walks of life who associate themselves with a specific Benedictine monastery to enrich their way of life.

Oblates promise to deepen their faith and to lead enriched Christian lives according to the Rule of St. Benedict; they do not take on new religious practices. The spirituality of St. Benedict is so flexible that it can be adapted to the life of anyone seriously seeking God and desiring to live the Gospel message.

Through association with the Sisters of St. Benedict, Oblates receive guidance and support in living the Christian life. This support and guidance is provided through regular Oblate meetings, by the Oblate newsletter, and other enrichment opportunities offered by the sisters.

St. Benedict Oblates Women

Oblate Presentation

Study on Recent Vocations to Religious Life by Sister Jill Marie Reuber

At the February 18, 2024, Oblate meeting, Vocation Director Sister Jill Marie Reuber gave a presentation on the study of recent vocation data and how Oblates can help talk to those interested in community or becoming an Oblate.

Oblate Presentation

Fifth World Congress of Benedictine Oblates Presentation by Oblates Stephanie Smith and Shirley France

At the Oblate meeting held on Sunday, January 16, 2024, Stephanie Smith and Shirley France gave a presentation centered around the workshops from the 5th World Congress of Benedictine Oblates that they attended in Rome in September 2023. Also, Prioress Sister Anita Louise Lowe, gives her blessing to the new Oblates leadership team. The new team consists of Stephanie Smith as Oblate Director, Shirley France as Formation Coordinator, and Lynn Belli as Communications Coordinator.

Vatican News

Pope: Benedictine spirit characterized by a heart expanded by love

Speaking with Benedictine Oblates, Pope Francis says the Benedictine spirit is characterized by “a heart expanded by the unspeakable sweetness of love.”

At the Monastery

Liturgy of the Hours

Readings for Liturgy of the Hours

What do Oblates do?

UNITE daily prayer to the prayer of the sisters

JOIN in the community’s celebration of the Eucharist and Liturgy of the Hours

DEVELOP a relationship with the sisters

SUPPORT the ministry of the sisters as ability or time allows

ENCOURAGE and support vocations to the Benedictine way of life

ATTEND days of prayer and other spiritual enrichment offerings

PARTICIPATE in works of charity and justice in the local area

MANIFEST the Spirit of St. Benedict in all places and all times

MEET monthly, virtually or in person, for prayer, presentations, and social time

Oblate Speaker

Oblate 2023 – 2024 Season Scheduled Monthly Meetings

Zoom availability for months of September, November, January, February, April and May. All times are 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST in St Gertrude Hall with exception of Advent and Lenten Studies.

Those interested in learning more about the Ferdinand Immaculate Conception Monastery Oblate Community or wish to join one of the Oblate monthly presentations either in person as a guest or via Zoom can submit the inquiry form located below. Sister Betty Drewes will be in touch, you can reach her directly at 812-367-2827.

August 20, 2023Picnic Celebration and Receiving of Oblate Candidates
12:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST
September 17, 2023Divine Mercy with Oblate Karen Lance
November 5, 2023Reverence in our Battered World with Sr. Karen Joseph
Oblation Sunday & Fall Reflection
December 5 – 6, 2023Fr. Eugene Advent Scripture Study
7:00 – 8:30 p.m. EST each day
Location: Benedictine Hospitality Center
January 14, 2024Oblate World Congress Update
by Oblates Shirley France & Stephanie Smith
February 18, 2024Vocations Study by Sr. Jill Reuber
March 2, 2024Fr. Eugene Lenten Scripture Study
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (lunch provided)
Location: Benedictine Hospitality Center
April 21, 2024Monastery Spiritual Direction Program
Sr. Betty Drewes and others
May 19, 2024Monastery Immigration Program
Sr. Joan Scheller and Sr. Michelle Sinkhorn

Viewing Meetings & Presentations

To access live-stream during meetings:

  • You need to use a Windows computer with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. You cannot use Apple devices or iPads at this time.
  • Live Streaming link: click here
  • Once it loads, it will launch Microsoft Media Player.
  • Adjust the size and volume as you see fit.
  • Remember you can only access the live stream during an Oblate meeting.

Oblate Leadership Team 2024

St. Benedict 2024 Oblates Leadership

From left to right: Shirley France (Oblate Formation), Sister Betty Drewes (Sister Liaison), Stephanie Smith (Oblate Director), Lynn Belli (Oblate Communications Coordinator)

Oblate Council 2024

St. Benedict 2024 Oblates Council

From left to right: Jim Weyer, Shirley France, Sister Betty Drewes, Stephanie Smith, Lynn Belli, and Pat Stemle

Why I Became an Oblate.

Watch this video and hear what lead and motivated some of our current Oblates to the Monastery Immaculate Conception.

Interested in becoming an Oblate?

Filling out the form below puts you in touch with out Oblate Sister Contact, Sister Betty Drewes. She will contact you soon about the life and meaning of becoming an Oblate affiliated with the Sisters of St. Benedict, Monastery Immaculate Conception.