Our Way of Life

Community Life

We seek God together in community with a common mission and vision. Every day, we work at turning this mixed bag of personalities, ages, backgrounds and careers into a community.  As we do, our life together focuses and amplifies our energies in spreading the Gospel.  Our community adapts and evolves as the world changes, so that we can continue to seek God in this time and place and to minister to his people where they are today.  We laugh together, learn together, love together, grieve together and grow together, united by God’s presence in our hearts and lives.


We endeavor to receive all people as Christ and to share who we are and what we have.  Our hospitality begins in our own community, then reaches out into the rest of the world.  We welcome guests at the monastery, and work outside these walls to help all others feel welcome in the world.  Our hospitality extends to God’s Creation, as we seek to live in harmony with nature and be good stewards of the earth.


Our prayer, whether together or alone, keeps us connected to the other principles by which we live.  Our prayer, in common and on our own, draws us back into the heart of our community and to God who called us to this life.  Our prayer for others helps us to “see each person as Christ,” and to extend our hospitality freely.  Our prayer sustains us as we work and reminds us of the need for service and the sacred nature of shared labor.


Our work puts hands and feet to the Gospel.  Whether within the monastery or out in the wider world, work is the most visible way we live out our Benedictine values.  We recognize the value and sacredness of labor.  We work to be good stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us.  We advocate for fair treatment and just wages for all.