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Alumnae Life Updates

If you have a personal update you’d like to share with your former alumnae, please fill out this form. We will share your update on this page.

  • Alumnae Life Updates – Mrs. Margaret (Slaats) Hill

    My husband, Chuck Hill, passed away in August 2021 after a long illness with many complications that finally became too much for him to overcome.  We had been married 39 years. and have four adult sons. My plan is to stay here in Texas and continue to substitute teach part time, which I have been doing since I retired three years ago. My family and my neighbors have been a wonderful source of support and comfort.

  • Alumnae Life Updates – Tanya (Cooke) Tulous

    Tanya (Cooke) Tulous, class of 1988 (Washington, DC): “I have moved to DC from Mississippi to work as a Program Specialist for the Office of Indian Education in the Department of Education in the Lyndon Baines Johnson building. I work with Native American tribes across the United States. I have 5 grantees who are working to keep their Native language alive by providing various types of resources to the native children and community. I have 23 grantees who are dedicated to providing academic assistance to Native children in grades k-12 to promote academic achievement. I credit much of my success to the teachings I received from my four years at MHA. Much love and respect to the teachers who taught me and to the Sisters who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had to attend MHA. I wish I could personally tell the person/persons who provided the financial gift for me to attend MHA. Whomever you are, you made a difference in my life. Because of your generosity, I am able to do what I am doing today. Your gift was not given in vain. I hope you know that! Thank you!”

  • Alumnae Life Updates – Janessa (Lee Stein) Force

    Janessa (Lee Stein) Force, class of 1990 (Bethpage, TN): “I retired after 20 Years in the Air Force as a medic, (2011). I absolutely LOVED the service and would talk to anyone about joining.  Any Alumnae that need assistance answering questions or needing information I’m am always ready to give the facts not always presented by a recruiter. Once retired, we moved to Germany for four years and I ran a German Christmas Store for a German company on the base.  Scott retired in 2017 and we have lived in Bethpage, TN ever since.  We are very involved in our church and cherish our granddaughter who was born in 2017.  Life doesn’t get any better than grandkids!!!… Much love and hugs to all!”