Who are the Ferdinand Benedictines?

As you read this blog and discern your vocation, my desire is for you to get to know our community and who we are as sisters — human beings striving to live in community. 

We are monastic women living a life seeking God through prayer, community, hospitality, and service.  Being “monastic” means we live together in a monastery, under a rule and a prioress. 

The rule we live by is the Rule of St. Benedict.  A prioress is the sister who we have chosen to be the leader.  (More about the Rule of St. Benedict and the prioress in later posts.)

We have 116 sisters in the community, ranging in age from 33 to 99.  Most of us live at the monastery in Ferdinand, but some of us minister and live in Louisville, Evansville, and Indianapolis.  We also have sisters living and ministering in a monastery in Peru. 

We began as a teaching order, which means all of the Sisters were teachers.  Many still teach, but these days we have all different types of ministries. 

This has been just a brief introduction to our life.  Check back in every week for future posts, where I’ll go into more detail.