Unity in Diversity

The theme of the new year that Sister Anita Louise shared with us at missioning is “Unity in Diversity.” 

She called us as Christians and as monastic women, to be united in the one Body of Christ. Sister Anita Louise stated, “We don’t need to eradicate what makes us different; rather we need to affirm it; we need to embrace it!” 

As our world becomes more and more polarized, I am left to discern how do I affirm and embrace our differences. Sister Anita Louise challenged us that as Benedictines our unity in community and our presence with one another is the way to our unity. We don’t all have the same gifts, and we each need to be present at common prayer and table with the community.

Sister Anita Louise asked us this question and I leave it with you to ponder: What are the gifts God has co-created within you?