Summer at the Monastery

As we begin Memorial Day weekend, many students are finishing up the school year, teachers are packing up their classrooms, and many are thinking about summer. Summer at the monastery is a time for vacations, family visits and retreats. 

As a sister, we take a 7 day silent retreat. This is a time that we can be with God and seek Him in a closer relationship. Some of us may take a directed retreat or a preached retreat. A directed retreat is where we meet daily with a spiritual director and they help us to be open to where God is with us. A preached retreat is when a person shares input on a topic. Each of us choses to do what is most relevant to us.

Retreats aren’t just for sisters, they are for anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual life and relationship with God. Here at the monastery, we offer several retreats throughout the year that are guided by our spiritual directors. You can sign up for an upcoming retreat by clicking the button below.