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Rubbing Off Edges

I was asked about how living in a community rubs off our edges. As I was thinking and reflecting, an image came to me that might help. 

Picture the bottom of a creek and the rocks and pebbles. The rocks represent members of the community, all unique with different shapes and sizes. The water moving in the creek represents the Rule, living in community, and the vows. 

As the rocks hit and rub against each other with the water running over them, they reshape and become smooth. The longer a rock stays in the creek, the more formed and different it becomes. 

Just like the rocks, we are rubbed and changed by living in the community ourselves. Sometimes it is a gradual change, and sometimes it is quick and painful. We don’t change alone, but all together as a community. As we continue on our journey, we are shaped and formed into who God wants us to be.