Presentation for NRVC

Ethical Issues in Vocation and Formation Ministry

Date: July 13-14

Duration: 2 Days

Three well-known presenters with experience in elected leadership, formation, and vocation ministry, will present the Ethical Issues in Vocation and Formation Ministry workshop, July 13-14, in an online format.

Sr. Virginia Herbers, A.S.C.J, is an Apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at St. Louis University. Sr. Maria Hughes, A.S.C., is an Adorer of the Blood of Christ and ministers on her U.S. Region Leadership Team. And, our own Sr. Anita Louise Lowe, OSB, prioress of the Sisters of St. Benedict.

This workshop will explore ethical principles governing confidentiality, agency, and obligations related to positions of trust. The workshop will also address issues related to the dissemination of information, the timeliness of admissions or dismissal decisions, and other issues related to the ethical rights of candidates as well as the ethical rights of those in positions of authority. This workshop is essential for all those who make decisions concerning the admission of candidates. To learn more about this virtual workshop, visit the National Religious Vocation Conference Facebook page.

Blessings and well wishes to Sr. Anita during her presentation!

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