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Home Appeal

St. Benedict Hall is the hub of activity for about 100 of our Sisters. It houses residential and dining quarters where the Sisters rest, refuel, reflect, and prepare themselves for the next day of ministering to those who need them. It also houses Hildegard Health Center, where medically fragile Sisters who need extra support receive the compassionate care they deserve for their many decades of service.

The old slate roof on St. Benedict Hall has served the Sisters well for 80 years.  But age, torrential rains and gusting winds have taken their toll, and the building’s original slate roof is now failing badly. With each rainfall, more buckets line the floors of our sisters’ living quarters and more soggy, crumbling ceiling tiles tumble down.  Water is invading.  Buckets are overflowing.  And the slate is breaking.

Sadly, these issues mean that what should be a quiet refuge for our Sisters has become a place of great concern. We had hoped to repair the roof in stages, but that’s no longer an option.  We have to replace it now to avoid more expensive structural damage, prevent toxic mold, and ensure the safety, health and comfort of our sisters.

We would love to delay this costly project, but unfortunately, we cannot.  So we need your help to keep the Sisters safe and dry.  Your generous gift will help us replace the roof of St. Benedict Hall and meet other urgent needs related to our monastery’s upkeep and maintenance.  

In recent years, supporters like you have rallied around the Sisters to help us make needed improvements, accessibility upgrades, and cost-saving updates to our campus.  Your help has allowed us to address vital concerns and remain good stewards of these treasured structures, which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Can we count on you now to help ensure that this historic site continues to stand and inspire future generations?

From within these hallowed walls, our Sisters continue to serve those in need, as we have since 1867. We minister to the community in more diverse ways than ever — teaching, serving in parishes, offering retreats, providing health care, counseling individuals, working with immigrants, and helping people who lack resources, are experiencing homelessness, or are recovering from substance use disorders.

Please include your prayer intentions when you make your generous gift.  As always, the Sisters will be honored to pray for you and your loved ones.