Dome Golf Classic 2020 Mega Cash Raffle Winners

Each year, we hold an exciting Mega Cash Raffle in conjunction with our Dome Golf Classic fundraiser. This year’s event took place on September 28 at Sultan’s Run Golf Club in Jasper, Indiana. We awarded 15 prizes of $1,000 each and a grand prize of $5,000!

Our sisters minister to thousands, in education, parish work, healthcare, retreat and spirituality work, counseling, and more – and raffle proceeds directly support this work, touching the lives of students, parishes, the homeless, hungry, jobless, ill, illiterate, those struggling with relationships, and those on spiritual journeys.

Our sincere appreciation to all who participated — and congratulations to our winners!

$5,000 Grand Prize Winner:

Daniel McGowan – Oyster Bay, NY

$1,000 Winners:

Daniel Stewart – Bloomington, IN
Teri Murphy – Fort Myers, FL
Amanda Unkrich – Cincinnati, OH
Bob Harpenau – Troy, IN
Melody Mazuk – Wayne, PA
Thomas Flowers – Bristol, FL
Christine Fidler – Camarillo, CA
Bill Worland – Village of Loch Lloyd, MO
Harry Meyer – Cincinnati, OH
Joseph Carella – Orange, CA
Brother Antonio Montera – Centerport, NY
Jeff Happe – Evansville, IN
Ann Heider – Cincinnati, OH
Frank Burch – Palmyra, MO
Debra Egemo – Spencer, IN