Candidates become new Oblates

by Sister Brenda Engleman

On Sunday, October 15, three women and a man become Oblates of the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana. Sister Barbara Lynn Schmitz, prioress, officiated at this ceremony.

The new Oblates are Lisa and Bill Muller from Evansville, Indiana; Faye Bilskie from Vincennes, Indiana; and Robin Dugan from Newburgh, Indiana. They made their Oblation in the monastery church during a simple ceremony incorporated into Morning Prayer

Alice of the Ohio Reformatory for Women made her Oblation on May 2. Sister Kathy Huber was her companion. Heather Eichholz made her Oblation on August 13. Sister Celeste Boda was her companion.

As Candidates, these new Oblates spent a year studying the Holy Rule and the Benedictine way of life under the guidance of their companions. Lisa and Bill’s companion was Sister Jane Will; Faye’s companion was Sister Kathy Huber; and Robin’s companion was Sister Jolinda Naas.

During their Oblation ceremony, each Oblate promised to dedicate herself or himself to the service of God and humankind according to the Rule of St. Benedict, as far as his/her state in life permits. Each received a Benedictine pin and a framed certificate of Oblation. Sister Barbara Lynn accepted their Oblation and admitted them into spiritual union and affiliation with the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand.

After the ceremony, Sister Barbara Lynn invited all other Oblates who were present to come to the front center aisle. Together they renewed their promises before the sisters and guests.