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The summer issue of “Seek. Pray. Share.” is now available online.

Summer’s here…and with it, the summer issue of our Seek. Pray. Share. magazine.

Our cover story focuses on Sister Mary Francis Schafer and her work with the Homeless Coalition of Louisville. You’ll learn how passionate she is about the plight of the homeless, along with some common misconceptions about them. And you’ll find out how UFOs contributed to her becoming a Sister in the first place!

You’ll also meet Sister Sarah Yungwirth, who after teaching for many years, worked in vocations for the Archdiocese of Louisville, and now is the Archdiocese’s Director of Children’s Ministry, working with families preparing for Baptism through Confirmation.

And get a look at some of the lovely artwork created by three of our gifted Sisters, including Sister Doris Market, Sister Jane Becker and Sister Mary Lee Hillenbrand — much of which is available in our Gift Shop.

If you missed a previous issue, be sure to check out the Publication Archives.