Sister Michelle Catherine Sinkhorn

Hometown: Floyds Knobs, Indiana

Entrance Date: August 24, 1997

First Profession Date: July 24, 1999

Perpetual Profession Date: June 20, 2004

Educational Background:
• Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education

Work Background:
• 1999-2001 - Toddler Caregiver at Child Life Center, Evansville, Indiana
• 2001-2007 - Administrator at Saint Bernard Preschool & Daycare
• 2007-2014 - Vocation Director for Sisters of St. Benedict

Present Ministry: Wisdom Connections Director & Technology Administrator; Monastery IT Assistant; IT Studies; Immigration Consultant; Monastery Service

Other Interests: Reading, walking, being outdoors, working with the Latino Community, messing about with technology and technological gadgets.

What attracted me to this community: The great sense of community and how the sisters worked so well together making decisions and getting things done together. The prayer life and communal living is what has kept me here.