Sister Mary Lee Hillenbrand

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana

Testimonial Quote: It took me a very long time to integrate the prologue of our Holy Rule, "Listen with the ear of your heart" - that is to listen to myself, especially to my body, and then be able to listen to others.

Entrance Date: September 14, 1958

First Profession Date: June 13, 1960

Perpetual Profession Date: June 18, 1965

Educational Background:
• Radiological Technology
• COTA Degree in Occupational Therapy
• Certification in Occupational Therapy
• Certification in Early Childhood
• Hospital Chaplaincy
• Nurses' Assistant

Work Background:
• Manager of Radiology - St. Joseph Hospital
• Activity Director - Monastery Infirmary and for community
• Early Childhood Teacher - Sacred Heart, Evansville, IN
• Occupational Therapist - VNA in Evansville, IN, Camelback Mt., AZ, and St. Mary's in
• Evansville, IN
• Hospital Chaplain - St. Mary's, Evansville, IN and Arizona

Present Ministry: Dining Room Environment; Courtyard; Monastery Service

Other Interests: Watercolor painting, environmental advocate.

What attracted me to this community: The camaraderie, horarium (prayer and work made holy) creation. sharing the workload (dishes, cleaning, etc.).