Sister Mary Carmel Spayd

Hometown: Mariah Hill, Indiana

Testimonial Quote: The Benedictine community fosters personal growth. I never felt stifled in any way. The community offered me opportunities I would not have had otherwise.

Entrance Date: September 8, 1944

First Profession Date: June 6, 1946

Perpetual Profession Date: June 6, 1949

Position: Flower arranging

Educational Background:
• Grade School - Mariah Hill
• High School - Academy
• Bachelor’s degree - St. Benedict (Normal) College
• Master of Business Administration degree - Notre Dame

Work Background:
• Elementary teacher - Christ King, IN
• Teacher & Principal - Mater Dei
• Mission Advancement Volunteer

Present Ministry: Prayer Ministry

Other Interests: Gardening, flowers and flower arrangements

What attracted me to this community: Taught by Benedictine Sisters.