Sister Laura Marie Schmitt

Hometown: St. Wendel, Indiana

Testimonial Quote: After being here for 50 years, our monastic values are still practiced. These values are guidelines for our future.

Entrance Date: August 25, 1966

First Profession Date: June 8, 1968

Perpetual Profession Date: August 7, 1971

Educational Background:
• Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education
• Master’s degree in Elementary Education

Work Background:
• Elementary teacher
• Monastery Kitchen

Present Ministry: Mission Advancement calls; Altar Linens; Sacristan Team; Monastery Service

Other Interests: I enjoy visiting our Sisters in HHC. I bake cookies to give away as treats.

What attracted me to this community: I wanted to belong to a community where prayer, service, and community life were important. The Sisters who taught me at Mater Dei were wonderful examples to me.