Sister Jacqueline Shively

Hometown: Whitesville, Kentucky

Testimonial Quote: I love this community and the sisters I have lived with and currently live with. I was never pressured to live up to someone else's ideals.

Entrance Date: September 11, 1954

First Profession Date: June 13, 1956

Perpetual Profession Date: August 10, 1959

Position: Administrative assistant

Educational Background:
• Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education - St. Benedict College
• Master’s degree in Elementary Education - Louisiana State University

Work Background:
• Teacher
• Organist
• Diocesan Vocation Office
• MHA Business Office
• Monastery Business Office
• Assistant to Monastery Admin Team
• Clinical Work in Liturgy Office
• Prayer Booklet Subscriptions

Present Ministry: Mail Clerk; Schola Music Assistant; Monastery Service

Other Interests: Reading, hanging out with Sisters

What attracted me to this community: Chants of Divine Office; I attended Vespers so often the Sisters gave me my own book. I was also touched by the Sisters' kindness of loving my life.