Sister Corda Trouy

Hometown: New Albany, Indiana

Testimonial Quote: Being a Sister of St. Benedict is a good thing for God has called me to this community. I thank God daily for this gift. One of the many ways I can be myself in this loving community is through the communication skills we have.

Entrance Date: October 15, 1955

Perpetual Profession Date: October 29, 1960

Educational Background:
• Holy Trinity Catholic School, New Albany, IN
• Our Lady of Providence High School, Clarksville, IN
• Bachelor’s degree at Villa Maria College, Erie, PA
• 4 years of Post-graduate studies at Spaulding University and other colleges

Work Background:
• 27 years full-time teaching
• 60+ years teaching Religious Education
• Monastery Switchboard

Present Ministry: Mission Advancement calls; Prayer Ministry

Other Interests: Traveling, visiting family and friends, playing cards with my Sisters - God's Creation!

What attracted me to this community: Our Sisters have very beautiful, life-giving spirits.