The first step to becoming a Sister of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana is being a postulant. A woman who has decided to enter and try our life enters into a year of being a postulant. This is a year of living in community, praying and working with other community members. As a postulant you take classes and do different tasks around the monastery. In September 2022, we had 2 women enter as postulants. They received a Benedictine Medal, our prayer books, and an apron. This ceremony took place in the Blessed Virgin Room with the community surrounding and supporting the women. I asked the postulants some questions about what it is like to be a postulant. Here are Postulant Katie’s responses.

Postulant ceremony in the Blessed Virgin Room
Postulant Katie Cummings

What is the biggest thing that drew you to the Sisters of St. Benedict, Ferdinand, IN?
The strong community life is what drew me to the sisters. I wanted to live in an intentional community where the members were committed to each other. I also liked their energy for helping others, learning new things, and representing the Catholic church.

How would you describe being a postulant?
Being a postulant is challenging because of all the new things I need to learn, but it’s also exciting because I’m learning a completely different way of life and getting to know so many sisters.

What is the most fun thing about being a postulant?
I enjoy spending time with the sisters and getting to know them. We take walks, play games, and enjoy each other’s company.

What is the hardest thing about being a postulant?
The hardest thing about being a postulant is having less freedom than I used to have in my single life. I miss having my own car and making my own schedule. I also miss being geographically close to my family and friends.

If someone asked you to describe being a postulant in 3 words, what would they be?
Exciting, challenging, and unique.

As a new member how would you describe the community?
I would describe the community as a group of women who love each other despite their differences, and are passionate about the power of prayer and the necessity of seeking God in daily life.