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Our Vows

Our Vows can be likened to how the Gospel writers use similes of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like — a treasure buried in a field, a merchant searching for fine pearls, a net thrown into the sea.

As I was reflecting on the vows that we profess (I say profess in the present tense instead of the past tense, because I believe and probably every sister believes that I have to say yes to these each day I arise; I have to willingly live these vows out daily), the kingdom of Heaven being like a treasure buried in a field kept surfacing.

When I think of a buried treasure, I also think of having a map to help you find the location of the treasure.  The treasure that we are all working toward is everlasting life in heaven with Jesus, but we also have the earthly treasure of living this Benedictine life.  The treasure that we constantly say “yes” to each day is that of living out the vows that we profess.  These vows of obedience, stability, and fidelity to the Monastic way of life are the stepping stones on our treasure map that lead us to living this way. 

Let us journey on this map to find the treasure buried in the field of monastic life.