October Directed Retreat

From the rush of daily life to the endless stream of email, television, social media and more, there’s too little space or silence left to nurture our spiritual life and deepen our relationship with God. Directed retreats offer time alone to be still and listen to God, with spiritual direction to guide you along the way. You can participate in scheduled week-long directed retreats or arrange for your own individual directed retreat, from a single day to eight days.

October 13, 7 p.m. – October 20, 10 a.m.  EST
Benedictine Hospitality Center
Cost: $750 includes meals, overnight accommodations & spiritual direction
Capacity: 11

Directed Quiet Retreats are led by members of the Spiritual Direction team for the Ferdinand Benedictine community. The goal of spiritual direction is to deepen your relationship with God by learning to recognize divine grace in all aspects of your life. During Directed Quiet Retreats, your spiritual director serves as a guide and companion on your journey of seeking God. You will have the opportunity to share your faith journey with another, to pause and see how God has been and is present in your life, and to listen to how God continues to invite you to a deeper relationship.

You must register no later than one week prior to the start of your retreat. For additional information and questions, you can call 812-367-1411, Ext. 2842.

Date & Time

October 13 – 20, 2023

Register Deadline

October 6, 2023


Benedictine Hospitality Center

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