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Service to Sisterhood: Clair’s Story

The rest of your life can wait. God can’t.

“Two short years ago, my addiction to success was greater than my addiction to God— and it was running me to the ground. I constantly heard from God, the thirst so similar to that which St. Teresa of Calcutta experienced: “I thirst”. Everywhere I went, I felt like I was a lost soul in the wilderness, wandering aimlessly. My summer in Ferdinand didn’t fix everything, and I still often hear those immortal words: “I thirst”. These words connect me to the suffering of others and make me not feel so alone. Living with the Sisters was the best thing since manna fell from the sky and my only wish is that everyone experience the unconditional love and beauty from those sweet souls, just like I did.”
– Clair S. Service to Sisterhood Summer ’16

Your gift to the Service to Sisterhood summer discernment and volunteer program supports women like Clair discerning vocation and seeking a closer relationship with God.