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Academy teachers share messages to former students

National Catholic Schools Week is a time to appreciate parishes, communities, staff, teachers, and students of Catholic Schools. We asked some of our former teachers to write a little something to our Academy graduates. Here is what they wrote:

So, it’s Catholic Schools Week! What an opportunity for us Academy teachers to let our alumnae know how proud we are of you. You’ve become leaders in your families and communities, in your careers and workplaces, and in your service to others. “Educating Women for Leadership” was one of our goals, and you have lived up to that challenge. You believe in and practice the virtues and values that you were taught at the Academy. You are women of character and compassion, of courage and commitment to what is right and good. You are our alumnae, living in all parts of the world, each helping to make our world better. We thank you and are proud of what you have done with your talents and education. And we are happy when you return to “the hill” to reconnect with your Academy family and to share your life stories. May God bless you all!  

Sr. Paulette Seng ’59

I appreciate all 34 years of teaching in the Academy. That includes Academy Immaculate Conception and Marian Heights Academy.  There are so many girls that I taught and every one of them is special to me.  There is one girl that got upset with me because I told her I was 29 when I was actually 39.  When she found out my real age several years later, she let me know that I had lied. Another time when we (the teachers) was the when the seniors tried to pull a prank on us on April 1 by turning the tables and chairs upside down in the dining room. We got up early for prayer and mass and were able to return the dining room to its correct order. How surprised the girls were when they came down for breakfast. We knew immediately who was to blame.

Sister Mary Philip Berger

I taught twenty years at AIC/MHA.  It was fun for me to watch the girls come in as Freshmen and leave as well-educated women.  I was able to interact with them on various levels.  As a teacher, proctor and basketball, softball and track coach, I thank God I was able to teach girls from all over the world.  Blessings on all of them.

Sister Jane Ann Breen

This is a shout out to all “MY KIDS”. It has been many, many years since some of you have been here and just weeks for others. I always like to see how you have changed and what you are doing. Hope all is going well with all of you. Stop in and see your OLD teacher sometime.

Sister Mary Austin Blank


Blessings to all of our Academy Graduates! We still hold you close in our hearts and pray for you daily.