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Feast of St. Walburga: Blessing with Oil

Feast of Walburga
Blessing with Oil
February 25

At specific times each year, entirely independent of atmospheric conditions, oil gathers and the tomb of Walburga. Year after year, the oil begins to flow at the beginning of October. In December and January, the drops flow more copiously, then gradually grow fewer and fewer, vanishing by the end of February. In the Convent Chronicles, we read: “St. Walburga has come” or “She is gone again.”

On the feast of Walburga, we bless our community with oils collected from her tomb and ask for her intercession so that God may strengthen us in mind, body, and spirit as he strengthened Walburga as abbess and missionary. Each member receives a cross on their forehead while our prioress says, “May God bless you with healing and strength.”

Prayers for healing and strength

On the feast of Walburga, pray these intercessions so that we all may receive the strength, patience, and healing that St. Walburga knew in her life.

Loving God, you called Walburga to leave her home and follow your guidance. Help us to be open to hear you invitation each day.


Healing God, through the intercession of Walburga, you have given health to the sick. May we be healed in body and spirit.


Compassionate God, you blessed Walburga with patience, humility, and love. Fill us with greater faith, greater hope, and greater love.


Faithful God, You give us signs of your desire to heal out afflictions. Grant that we may be open to your abundant grace through the blessing we receive.


Grant all who have dies your loving mercy. For all the faithful departed, we pray that you grant to them eternal rest.


Jesus worked miracles of healing while on earth. Through the intercession of Walburga, he continues to offer healing, consolation, and strength to those who appeal to him. Happy Feast of St. Walburga!