What led me to community and especially the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, IN

I grew up about 20 minutes from the monastery in Ferdinand.  My principal in elementary school was also a sister.  Even so, I never thought that this way of life could be for me. 

Then, while I was in college, I spent my spring break of freshman and sophomore year on a mission experience in the Appalachian Mountains at a place called Nazareth Farm, with other college students from around the country.  We did service, prayed, and lived in community together.  That was the experience that helped me to see that I desired community and prayer to be more prevalent in my life. 

When I returned to college, I somehow was connected to the vocation director at the monastery.  I don’t quite remember how it happened.  I began visiting.  I fell in love with this way of life.  I found that the sisters are happy, and that they share their faith and love each other. 

Read next week to continue the story of how I became a Sister of St. Benedict.