Vocation Story Continued

Every time I visited the monastery, it became harder and harder to leave.  I felt at home more and more as I learned more about the community — but I was still uncertain about whether or not I should take this big step. 

During my junior and senior years of college I worked at a summer camp for the Diocese of Evansville.  I continued the discernment process and prayed about what God wanted me to do after graduation.  I wanted a sign like a lightning bolt to show me what to do.  At a daily Mass, the homily was about God not sending lightning bolts. 

So I decided to fill out the application to begin postulancy during my senior year.  That January I was accepted; in August of 2003 I became a postulant, and in April of 2004 I became a novice and took the title of Sister.  Then in 2006, I made temporary profession and in 2011 perpetual profession. 

More posts to come about the initial formation process.