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2023 Scheduled Meetings

All monthly meetings will be in St. Gertrude Hall-West with exceptions as noted below. If you are an Oblate, you are welcomed to attend our meetings as a guest.

September 17Expanding Our Hearts in Christ within Our Inner Chapel presented by Sr. Karen Joseph.
Meeting moved to Main Dining Room West side.
Zoom option is also available.
October 16Oblation for new candidates and Right of Candidacy services.
January 15Laudato si’ Green Program awareness presented by Sr. Jean Ballard.
Zoom option is also available.
February 19Eucharistic awareness presented by Sr. Jeana Visel.
Zoom option is also available.
March 25Fr. Eugene Lenten Scripture Day from 9:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Gathering room TBD
April 16Archive Presentation and Tour of the Monastery with Sr. Rebecca.
Zoom option is also available.
May 21Oblate Charlotte Monconduit — Thomas Merton presentation.
Zoom option is also available.
August 20Picnic


To access live-streaming during meetings:

  • You need to use Microsoft Windows-based computers to launch the Internet Explorer web browser or Google Chrome. You cannot use Apple devices or iPads at this time.
  • Live Streaming link: click here
  • Once it loads, it will launch Microsoft Media Player.
  • Adjust the size and volume as you see fit.
  • Remember you can only access live streaming during an Oblate meeting.