Now hiring positions for our Mission Advancement Team.

The Sisters of St. Benedict are looking for two individuals to join their Mission Advancement Team.  Both the Major Gifts Officer and Major Donor Steward would support and align themselves with the passion and mission of the Sisters of St. Benedict. 

The Major Gift Officer will help cultivate donors who have shown interest in supporting the sisters financially, while the Major Donor Steward will continue engaging with donors who already give to the sisters.

The ideal candidates can actively listen and respond to donors with care.  They will also be organizing outreach efforts for potential donors, and effectively communicating about the sisters and their work. 

In either position, a successful team member will attract and cultivate meaningful relationships that lead to donors expressing their support through generous contributions and/or volunteering their time to help the sisters, along with strengthening current donor relationships.   

The ideal candidates will be motivating, inspirational and organized, eager to inspire others to support the sisters financially, while helping them form a life-long commitment of friendship with the sisters.  

Here what our Mission Advancement Team Members love about working with the Sisters.

Angie Greulich, Director of Major Gifts, explains why she loves working with the Sisters of St. Benedict.
Jill Scherzer, Director of Annual Giving, explains why she loves working with the Sisters of St. Benedict.

Outstanding Mission Advancement team members can invite others into a relationship with the sisters; love people and the sisters; and have a deep desire to help others find the joy in giving.  That giving will enable the sisters to advance their mission for at least another 150 years.  Those who give to the sisters often find their personal blessing from the care of the sisters far outweighs the financial gifts they have given.  Both of these positions will help facilitate that relationship.

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