Endowment for Our Sacred Space

Monastery Immaculate Conception church has no congregation or parish for support. It receives no regular financial assistance from the diocese or any other Catholic institution. Its upkeep is entirely dependent upon income earned by the Sisters and the generosity of our donors. 

With this Endowment for Our Sacred Space, we can ensure the operation and preservation of our historic church, support the continual growth of our monastic life, increase public access, and offer a welcoming worship experience to every guest.

Watch as our Prioress, Sister Anita Louise Lowe, and Vocations Director, Sister Jill Marie Reuber, talk about the project and the need.

The goal for the Endowment for Our Sacred Space is $6 million. This will provide sufficient annual income for preventative maintenance of the church, colonnade and adjacent areas in a manner that will prevent small problems from becoming big, expensive ones.

If you’d like to help the Sisters preserve this Sacred Space for future generations, here are three ways to give:

A Gift Today

You can make an immediate gift of cash or assets today that will help us reach our goal and meet the most immediate needs of the church.

A Pledge Gift

You can pledge a gift of cash or assets for a specific date or time in the future, which will help fund the endowment and equip us to meet upcoming or future needs.

A Planned Gift

You can include an unrestricted gift for the Sisters in your will or estate plan that we can direct to Our Sacred Space, knowing that your legacy will be the lasting preservation of our Benedictine life and work.

A Message from Our Supporters.